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Kombucha bicycle delivery now in effect

free delivery to south minneapolis & downtown

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Double Dog Kombucha is brewed with organic black tea and organic cane sugar.

Flavored with fresh cold pressed organic juices and whole ingredients sourced from farmers markets/locally when possible.




Marketers of fiction would like you to believe that the bride of Frankenstein was brought to life not by electricity but by an IV injection of kiwi-strawberry-sweet potato kombucha – the lightning strike was purely coincidental.

As of now there is no scientific data to backup the numerous marketing claims regarding the health attributes of drinking kombucha. That being said, science is just beginning to study the connection between the health of our gut microbiome (vast ecosystem of microorganisms that live in our digestive system) and our overall health.

Kombucha probably has the same origins as tea. Nobody knows. Imagine if you will, the ancients abandon a full cup of tea and the perfect blend of yeast strains and bacteria colonize the tea. Weeks later a guy comes scrounging along and takes a sip of the tea and realizes how delicious it is and so kombucha is created. These are the same ancients that discarded an especially stinky fish carcass into a clay pot and then buried it underground. Six months later that same guy comes scrounging along, digs up the pot and sprinkles the aromatic liquid on everything he eats and realizes it's delicious and so fish sauce is created. That guy was the true pioneer foodie but nobody recorded his name.

I brew and drink kombucha because it's an alternative to beer, pop, energy drinks, etc... Kombucha satisfies my desire for a beverage that's fizzy and complex like beer but without the buzz. Kombucha pairs well with all foods and it's super refreshing after a long bike ride. Nothing mystical about it. Let your body and your tastebuds speak to you, not the marketers.


Double Dog Kombucha is committed to respecting our environment and community

Kombucha delivery via bicycle