kombucha + dog + dog

Midtown Farmers Market

Saturdays 8am-1pm


LINDEN HILLS Farmers Market

SUNdays 9am-1pm


Double Dog Kombucha is brewed with organic black tea and organic cane sugar.

Flavored with fresh cold pressed organic juices and whole ingredients sourced from farmers markets/locally when possible.




There is much information and misinformation regarding kombucha on the web. I'm fairly certain that a certain percentage of that info is based on fact.

Then again, who I am to deny that the bride of Frankenstein was brought to life not by electricity but by an IV injection of a pint of kiwi-strawberry-passionfruit-mint kombucha – the lightning strike was purely coincidental.

I do know for a fact that drinking kombucha after a long bike ride on a perfect spring day is refreshing.

 Since I've been drinking kombucha, I very rarely consume any sugary, mood-altering or artificially flavored drinks.

Kombucha has changed my life, just like my two rat terriers.


Double Dog Kombucha is committed to respecting our environment and community

We serve our kombucha from kegs in plant-based drinkware.

Fill your glass or metal reusable container straight from the tap.

All food scrap and pulp is composted.